The World's Most Rewarding
Defi Ecosystem

Our mission is to bring DeFi to the people through real-world partnerships that add value to our users’ lives.
We’re building a growing ecosystem that rewards people for doing the things they already love to do on DeFi and beyond.


At VaporFi, we believe in the future of decentralized finance.

That’s why we’ve created the World’s Most Rewarding DEX. Swap, stake, and create liquidity pools in our exchange, and dive deep into the world of DeFi with lower fees and more options to earn. Access even more features with fiat on and off-ramping, a multichain bridge, and built-in aggregators to find the best swap rates. VaporDEX is a core solution of VaporFi’s ecosystem of products.

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The Original

VaporNodes produce VPND tokens.

The tokens can be used to either increase the production power of your node, or mine the initial supply of our new VaporDEX governance token, $VAPE.
VaporNodes are the key to a variety of experiences within our ecosystem, with exciting new utility being added as the VaporFi ecosystem expands.

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Enter The

Stratosphere is your gateway to the growing VaporFi ecosystem!

The first loyalty program in DeFi to span multiple products and solutions, giving consumers a way to earn rewards across each one of VaporFi’s current and future products and solutions.

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